ProTech Labs

About Us

We have always lived in a changing world. Today, with the onset of the Covid-19 virus, the changes have evolved so rapidly that it has created an almost unrecognizable landscape in a matter of months.   The immense impact its proliferation has had on our day to day lives is virtually immeasurable.

At ProTech Labs, we made a conscious decision to seek solutions that would keep people safe and get people back to work, back to schools, and closest to normalcy as possible.

In this light, ProTech Labs is introducing to the UK market and on an international level, proprietary technology that will help bring economic stability, social buoyancy, and, above all, a safe and protected environment.


We see a future full of possibilities, where the lessons learned from this pandemic are effectively utilized to ensure families, communities, and society continually feels safe and well protected.


We are the Purveyors of Innovation. Innovation, properly executed, will provide ecological and sustainable solutions. We intend to utilize the decades of experience accumulated to make the world a safer place.

Mark Blanchard

Managing Director

During the last twenty years, Mark’s passion for healthcare has resulted in running several successful multi-million pound turnover businesses that have all been consistently rated very highly by the Care Quality Commission.

ProTech Labs offers Mark the perfect opportunity to carry on delivering excellence within the healthcare sector whilst utilizing innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Zamier Ahmed

Principal Advisor

Zamier has more than 25 years of experience in international business ranging from industrial operations and production to research and development in new and existing technologies, fuelled by his immense interest in sustainability and enhancing green eco-friendly initiatives. At ProTech Labs, Zamier’s invaluable input has created opportunities to deploy technology creatively and sustainably.

Vanessa Fisher

Clinical Advisor

Vanessa has worked in healthcare for 40 years. Following her move from the NHS into the private sector, Vanessa continued to develop her management skills as a Registered Nurse.

As the clinical advisor, Vanessa is instrumental in keeping ProTech Labs appraised of the key factors affecting frontline healthcare workers and being involved with finding solutions to these problems.

Kevin Marks

Development Consultant

Since graduating from university, Kevin has utilized his business and marketing qualifications to establish a successful and rewarding career in sales and national account management. Working for both the public and private sectors, Kevin gained experience in critical roles within education, training, and caring professions. Joining ProTech Labs will provide Kevin the perfect opportunity to apply his knowledge and insight into the B2B market, maximize opportunities, and develop strategies to deliver outstanding customer service.